Maryland Firefighters, Cub Scouts Team up to Train More than 12,000 People in Hands-Only CPR


West Friendship, MD- Picture this—seven hundred boys between ages 5-10 descend on the Howard County Fairgrounds for an entire week of day camp and as a result more than 12,000 people are trained in hands-only CPR. That’s the reality here in Howard County thanks to a partnership with the National Pike Cub Scout Day Camp program. Over the course of the past year, the troop took the initial hands-only CPR training that our Department provides and used the CPR/AED kits to train their family, friends and others in the community. This week, as they gather for a special edition Cub Scout Investigation (C.S.I.) adventure, the Department will celebrate their success by helping them storm the Howard County Fairgrounds.

“We love opportunities like this to get out in the community, work with the youth and have fun,” said Fire Chief John Butler. “We salute these young men for giving their hearts to their mission which was to help save a life by teaching others hands-only CPR. I myself was blown away when I found out that they trained that many people. Let’s hope they consider becoming firefighters when they grow up one day.”

All throughout the week, these cub scouts will participate in interactive, hands-on exercises and demonstrations centered on the C.S.I. theme. The Department will host some of the cub scouts’ favorite activities to include a canine demonstration with our star arson dog named Horton, a Safe Kids bike rodeo, fire truck tours, a special operations demo, a derby race, more CPR training and an egg drop.

“For these kids this is the highlight of their summer,” said Camp Director Mike Taylor. “It is a high energy, highly interactive event that we spend an entire year pulling together. Thanks to federal, state and local agencies like Howard County fire and rescue, this event becomes an unforgettable learning experience and it is a lot of fun too.”

Members of the media are welcome to cover the event on Wednesday, June 24th. There are more than 20 visual activity stations and the event goes from 8am – 4:30pm. Opening ceremonies begin at 8a.m. All Cub Scout members have media release forms so it is a great opportunity to see the summer through a little boy’s eyes. The event is located at the Howard County Fairgrounds at 2210 Fairgrounds Road, West Friendship, MD 21794

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